1. burdge:

    not as discreet as you thought

  2. sarahkieley:

    Our Animation Facebook group decided we should all draw ourselves as characters under one theme. The theme that was voted was How to Train your dragon. So here I am with my dragon Jupiter, a ukulele strapped to my back and a sketchbook in hand. 

  3. ameru:

    i coloured a sketch from a few months ago!


    »> kickstarter 7 days go to!

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  4. fancymarquis:

    some draws of genderbent swimmers

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  5. clocktowns:


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  6. asketchoficeandfire:

    Some Starks and a Snow

  7. asketchoficeandfire:

    With her children!

  8. asketchoficeandfire:

    One more to gooooo

  9. asketchoficeandfire:

    The first in a series of Sand Snakes…

    I guess I have a soft spot for all the awesome warrior ladies of Westeros. 

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  10. bougainviyeah:

    wondering how i would color if i ever did make my comic orz i have a lot to learn