1. makanidotdot:

    toph takes care of ba sing se

    "worst city ever"

  2. wallabri:

    was feelin’ robots and jellies tonight

  3. meltesh28:

    toothless jumping through your dash? ^q^ 


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  4. sugoihime:

    also here is mikasa and ymir with dem abs 

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  5. Here’s how it’s done!

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  6. mistercoventry:



    Oh, they grow up so fast.

    Buttercup turned into a boy…

    He sure did.

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  7. becomedog:

    school beach trip??? i imagine most wizard swimwear looks similar to bathing suits from the late 17th and early 18th centuries. hermione however decides to wear very 90s muggle swimwear and sticks out a considerable amount. (she doesn’t care tho (heck yes muggle born pride))

    harry on the other hand borrows one from the twins, as he has never owned a bathing suit much less a wizard one. needless to say it doesn’t fit, and even more unfortunately for harry, the twins switch up their clothes so often that. well,


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  8. cliobablio:

    Pieces for Simon Chung’s Silent Auction tomorrow at the Animation Guild in Burbank.

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