1. coryloftis:

    I really wanted to paint something tonight, but my office is too damn hot.  A piece from Catra Sees All.

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  2. lalage:

    After realizing there were fan-made covers of music from Madomagi floating around the interwebs I went and looked them up and emoted a lot. This is my favorite - a medley of themes from eps 1-9 arranged for and performed by two pianos.

    This drawing predates that discovery though; it is instead based on a Radwimps song that shuffled on at the moment. “Maybe someday, someone will be able to say, ‘There’s nothing I want to wish for any more.’”

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  3. galtenoble:

    Valka’s like a Disney princess.. but with dragons.

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  4. galtenoble:

    I have the biggest soft spot for father/son relationships..

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  5. galtenoble:

    I’d still rather color fur than hair uhhgggg

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  7. Stay close to me.

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  8. galtenoble:

    Last Gaia commission. Now I can draw HTTYD fanart

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  9. havocmachine:

    I wanted to properly scan and color this one

  10. rngrn:

    +10 years probably 

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