1. burdge:

    chapter 55 or alternately Maria Mends All The Broken Hearts [x]

  2. bytheletterc:

    Starting #inktober a little early

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  3. gingerhaze:

    i love you all very much

  4. juls-art:

    Sym for my weight toss assignment for character. u v u

    there go her arms. o vo;;;

  5. lesueurpeas:

    atla stuff (((‘:
    i love odd pairs so much wtf

  6. yassui:

    I like to think that my Gengar likes storing glowing stuff in his mouth.

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  7. jinipu:

    More back to school stuff: character weight lift toss assignment. I liked the look of this egg-eyed kid so that’s what I went with. I think…his proportions change somewhat as I draw him (getting younger I think, haha). I’m finding all the mistakes now but it’s too late to fix ‘em.

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  8. mackaroon:

    Look I’m only like 10 days late to the party go me

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  9. miraongchua:

    the sea witch, from mermaid

  10. eglads:

    never stop drawing rude foxes, nope never, why draw anything else

    on shirts and stickers and totes and things on [redbubble] and [society6]

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