1. raygorartshit:

    Just practicing sketching more Snowpiercer characters. I love Claude’s constant “I don’t give a fuck face”.

  2. raygorartshit:

    Word of God has confirmed that Grey and Gilliam were actually lovers and I think that’s really important to understanding Grey’s character.

  3. raygorartshit:

    I want to make a bunch of Snowpiercer keychains/stickers/bookmarks. Started with precious clairvoyant train-baby Yona~

  4. raygorartshit:

    Lindsey also got me into thinking about OT3s again recently so I got a strong need to draw my marching band OT3 baes.


  5. raygorartshit:

    Lindsey drew me a GREAT pic of my bbys with these clothes on so I wanted to draw them too.

  6. raygorartshit:

    So it’s Melisandre Week somewhere out there is the tumblr-verse and I only found out today. So third day’s prompt is “Favorite Relationship” which for me is definitely her friend/enemy relationship with Davos. She just wants to be his friend and he’s totally not having any of that shit~

  7. raygorartshit:

    Haven’t touched my copics in a long time. Trying shit out.

  8. raygorartshit:

    Sometimes I don’t post any art for a long time, and then other times i post a shit ton in one day but none of it is actually worth anything.

  9. raygorartshit:

    I just like drawing hair and the evolution of characters hair though out the years.

  10. raygorartshit:

    Trying to see what my cyclopes girl’s hair would look like down, since i always draw in in a ponytail.