1. raygorartshit:

    Teknolust felt like watching a weird anime to me so I tried to draw the three synthetic clone sisters as anime as possible. It’s not too different from my usual style fml.

    I just thought the parts with Tilda Swinton playing all three sisters where cute.

  2. raygorartshit:

    Bisexual Frustration: Everyone is Hot and I’m Really Bad at Handling It - my autobiography

  3. raygorartshit:

    Ok just a few more I Am Love sketches because it’s a really beautiful movie.

  4. raygorartshit:

    Some more random kiss meme kisses. Passionate kissing (7) with Phobe and Honey and an hand kiss (12) from Jenny to her little boxing girlfriend~

  5. raygorartshit:

    Attempting to draw more Tilda Swinton characters and it still doesn’t feel any better. Trying to draw Mason is SO HARD ugh

  6. raygorartshit:

    How does one draw the unearthly beauty of Tilda Swinton?? Tried to sketch some Gabriels to understand, and I am way to fascinated by the gender ambiguity of her role.

  7. raygorartshit:

    Sad 70s vampire doodles while I’m waiting at the train station for 4 hours to catch a 7 hour train back to Toronto from Montreal. Ugh so long….

  8. raygorartshit:

    I cannot let the movie win, I MUST figure out what it was all about! Even if it was really about nothing the whole time!

    I still have to go back and watched Upstream Color cause I was trying to figure it out logically the whole time and that apparently was a mistake.

  9. raygorartshit:

    Whenever I can I’m going to make one of the object heads of how much i love movies. Cause I really love movies. I REALLY LOVE MOVIES~

  10. raygorartshit:

    Some screenshot redraws I did for another thing that I won’t post till tomorrow when it’s not 3 in the damn morning. Not going to pretend like I didn’t spend time on these but not a LOT of time on each one since they’re for something else that’s going to make them smaller anyway so whatevs.

    Screenshots from top to bottom are from: Grave of the Fireflies, Magnolia, The Hours, Wolf Children, Up and Mysterious Skin.

    The Magnolia one was the most fun to draw but i don’t think I did it justice. If you haven’t seen Julianne Moore ugly cry in a movie then YOU HAVE NOT SEEN PROPER CRYING IN A MOVIE.