1. raygorartshit:

    I’ve decided to call boxing magical girl Marie so don’t let me forget it cause i will. Now I still only have like 75% of my MBC characters left to name….

  2. raygorartshit:

    More Only Lovers Left Alive sketches that i did without reference.

  3. raygorartshit:

    Ultimately did my work in studio today but that didn’t stop me from procrastinating sketching.

  4. raygorartshit:

    Storyboarding homework? More like accidental drunk OT3. I think my teacher is going to hate me.

  5. raygorartshit:

    Storyboarding homework is hard and my teacher will probably trash it but I still respect her so much as a teacher.

  6. raygorartshit:

    I’m such trash, LOOK at how much I don’t pay attention in my 3D animation class. It’s going to kick me in the ass soon. I need to go in during the weekend sometime to catch up….

  7. raygorartshit:

    Just thinking about post-Constantine, human Gabriel things. Nothing like being a high fashion, homeless slob.

  8. raygorartshit:

    Magical girl girlfriends are the best, I sometimes wonder why i bother drawing anything else.

  9. raygorartshit:

    I was working on a Moonrise Kingdom piece that I might still finish (someday) but it became overwhelmingly big so I took a break to draw my two favorite Tenenbaums.

  10. raygorartshit:

    I actually just wanted to try a different hair style for Hikaru but I drew all the Magic Knights as well cause why not.