1. raygorartshit:

    Haven’t touched my copics in a long time. Trying shit out.

  2. raygorartshit:

    Sometimes I don’t post any art for a long time, and then other times i post a shit ton in one day but none of it is actually worth anything.

  3. raygorartshit:

    I just like drawing hair and the evolution of characters hair though out the years.

  4. raygorartshit:

    Trying to see what my cyclopes girl’s hair would look like down, since i always draw in in a ponytail.

  5. raygorartshit:

    I fucked up and did that thing where i drew the lineart on the wrong layer so….fuck it.

  6. raygorartshit:

    So I think i like inking in FireAlpaca but not coloring at much….

  7. raygorartshit:

    I found I like drawing high waisted shorts even though I’d never wear them myself.

  8. raygorartshit:

    More sketches cause i refuse to get off my couch to use my Cintiq…

  9. raygorartshit:

    My markers are not working the way i want them too…

  10. raygorartshit:

    Figured out I can ink pretty well on Fire Alpaca…or maybe that’s just because i’m on my Cintiq…i’ve been away so now i can’t tell….